About Concrete

And Our Process

Concrete is a superb, noble and ancient building material. It is a product which, when cured, develops 90% of its strength in a month and then continues to strengthen over the next 100 years and can last for centuries. The Coliseum and Aqueducts of Rome are well known and excellent examples of the longevity and beauty of concrete. Today, in the world of garden planters, manufacturers generally refer to this simple and elegant material as 'cast stone' (a wonderful example of an oxymoron). The correct term is concrete, and it needs no apology or beautification of its name.
The Process by which we manufacture our planters, urns and amphorae at Lunaform is a unique and proprietary one. Each piece is hand built and hand turned on a wheel, not unlike that of a clay potters wheel, and completely reinforced with a complex web of galvanized steel.

Unlike the casting process, there are no exterior molds used and therefore no seam lines on the surface. The placement of steel is precisely controlled and is therefore used to its maximum utility, producing the strongest garden planters available. Each piece is cured out in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and then sandblasted.

Our coloring process is also done entirely by hand, piece by piece. We manufacture our own high strength, pigmented concrete finishes which are each hand applied, hand sanded, rubbed, dyed and acid washed to create the one-of-a-kind, craftsman like look of a Lunaform planter.