Custom Work

We are happy to customize any of our existing pieces to suit your wishes, be it in shape or in color.  We can also work with you in developing an entirely new design for your landscape.

In order to give you an idea of how we can offer customizing, here is a diagram of the mold and screed system by which we build all of our planters, bowls, basins and urns:

By changing either just the screed, which defines the silhouette of our pieces as they are turned, or both the screed and the mold, we are able to make changes from subtle to extreme.

To the lower right you will see 5 photos of various pieces built on the same 'Borghese' mold.  These are different in shape only because a new screed was used on the existing mold.  As you can see, it is possible to make a striking variation by changing only the screed.

Changing a screed is fairly simple and does not extend our turnaround time.  Building a new mold for an entirely new piece is always fun for us, but does take a great deal more work and space, and therefore more time.

Please call our studio to discuss any ideas or questions you may have about customizing your order.

Making a new steel screed is relatively inexpensive ($100 - $400), and, as you can see, can produce quite a variety of new designs built off the same interior mold.

If you add Banding, Faceting, or Mold Extensions (to produce the XL Ilsa at the very bottom, for example) to the alterations of the steel screed, you can see that the customization possibilities are extensive, even while using the same mold.

Other Surface Customization Possibilities
(see 'Uniques'):

Animal Figurines

Iron Work

Incised Carving & Lettering

Hand Painted Detailing

Note: Custom work requires the fabrication of new interior molds, or steel template screeds, or both. There is, consequently, a non-refundable charge of 50% for cancelled custom orders.

Urn Turned, with Screed
5 Variations on a Mold
Standard Borghese
Borg with Danzer Neck
Standard Dozzina
Standard Large Capri
Standard XL Ilsa