About Us

Phid Lawless
Retired 8/14/20

I grew up mostly in Rowayton Connecticut, but spent over 4 years living in Accra Ghana and Lagos Nigeria, moving there when I was 12. I went to the Accra International School when my family lived in Ghana and the Ecole Des Roches boarding school in the Montana/Crans ski area of Switzerland when we lived in Nigeria. I graduated first in my class with high honors from the School of Design at North Carolina State University in 1971, majoring in architecture and product design. After attending a great program at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, I spent 5 years as a painter, showing in galleries primarily in North Carolina and Connecticut. In 1976 I married, and my wife Sharon and I moved to Maine where I began a new career of designing and building solar homes. In 1981 my brother and I and our wives started a sporting goods business in Ellsworth and Bar Harbor Maine called Life Sports. While the business itself was quite successful, I felt that it was not particularly creative, and so began a small graphics design business on the side. I continued to paint and design private residences until, in 1992, I met up with Dan and founded the business which has become Lunaform.