Maine Boats, Homes
Boat Show Issue July 2012
'At One With the Landscape'
Gardens Illustrated
Aug./Sept. 2000
'Industrial Strength Beauties'
Garden Design
Sept./Oct. 2004
'Dry Observation'
House & Garden
Nov. 2004
'In the Garden' / 'Red Hot'
InStyle Home
Spring 2005
'Insider's Guide to Outside'
Garden Design
May/June 2005
'Pacific Paradise'
Washington Post
Summer 2005
At Home 'Going Potty'
Elements of Living
Oct. 2005
'What's What'
Design New England
March/April 2007
'In Praise of Pots & Planters'
Washington Home Garden
Early Spring 2007
'Lunaform Planters'
Maine Home Design
March/April 2007

Garden Design
'Maine Events'
House Beautiful
May 1994
'Style Beat'
American Home Style
Feb./Mar. 1995
'Garden Notebook'
Sept. 1996
'Stone and Concrete'
Elle Decor
'Dean's Dirt'
Jan./Feb. 1998
'Container Culture'
Garden Design
May 1998
'Let There Be Light'
Elle Decor
June/July 1998
Gardens Illustrated
Dec. 1998/ Jan. 1999
'Gifted Gardeners'
Elle Decor
Aug./Sept. 1999
'What's Hot'
Down East
July 2000
'The Quarry Garden'
Martha Stewart Living
Nov. 2000
Show 8093
Garden Design
May 2001
'Options / Breaking the Mold'
August 2002
'Concrete Beauties'
House & Garden
March 2003
'In the Garden'
New York Times
April 3, 2003
'Sturdy Planters'
May 2003
'Garden Fever'
House & Garden
August 2003
'Helping Hands'
Garden Design
July/August 2009
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'